• Well & Pipeline Inspections

    Urban Safety Assessment performs 3rd party safety and compliance inspections and assessments on wells, pipelines, and infrastructure. These on-site inspections are performed using technologically advanced equipment and software to document and monitor mineral related activities within a city’s jurisdiction

    These inspections are performed on a regular basis as requested by the city administration. Typically, inspections are performed once or twice annually but may be performed on an as-needed basis. The inspection results are then submitted to the city admin and the operator’s representative upon completion. The report will contain specific information and an overall assessment of potential issues, problems, compliance, or lack thereof. It will then be up to the city to decide if any follow up action is required.

    The criteria set forth in these inspections is set by the city but tends to be a compilation of rules and regulations from the following areas; Railroad Commission Regulations and Guidelines, EPA Rules and Regulations, DOT regulations, and local ordinance compliance with the latter being the focal point of the inspection.

    Urban Safety Assessment has the knowledge, experience, personnel, and equipment necessary to perform these inspections with a degree of integrity, reliability, accuracy, and professionalism that you deserve!