• Environmental Assessments

    Urban Safety Assessment can perform testing and assessments regarding the environmental health of the air, water, and soil in your community.

    There are numerous testing procedures that can be performed. The most common method is air sampling looking for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) such as benzene, ethylbenzene, tuolene, and others. This is accomplished using Optical Gas Imaging equipment (OGI) and discrete monitors. Other monitoring programs may include testing for H2S poison gas, NORM and/or elevated radiation levels, Ozone, particulate matter, and others.

    Another method of testing would be long term perimeter air monitoring. This would gather information on an on-going basis and would give a cumulative assessment of the environment over a longer period of time.

    Soil and water testing, evaluation, and remediation is also a large part of our service offerings. If there is a hazardous spill or if you just need fact-based information regarding the health of a questionable area or piece of property, we can help.

    Environmental Health has been of great concern in the last few years. USA can help reassure your community leaders that the air is safe to breath, the water is safe to drink, and the soil is safe for your children and pets.