• Permit Review and Planning

    Whether it’s a new well drilling permit application submitted by an operator or a repair on an existing pipeline, Urban Safety Assessment can help with the application process. When an operator applies for a permit, there are numerous issues to be reviewed including location, type of well, size and type of pipeline, potential impact on HEALTH, SAFETY, AND WELFARE of the citizens and environment, and many others.

    Urban Safety Assessment can verify that all the various permit requirements have been met including the financial stability of the operator. We do this by reviewing the applicant’s insurance, bonding, and other financial information.

    Urban Safety Assessment will explore route planning options for the proposed activities. By doing this, we can help create the most direct route in and out of the city to minimize the vehicular impact on the city’s residents. We also look at the ESAL and other aspects of the proposed traffic to quantify road remediation impact.

    We look at an operator’s track record or history. Do they have a good safety record? Do they keep a clean site? Do they have a good history of compliance? Have they been a good neighbor in the past?

    After looking at all the above criteria, Urban Safety Assessment has the ability to make emotionally detached recommendations to city staff as to whether the permit should be approved or denied and assess the potential impact (positive or negative) that decision will have on the city.