Urban Safety Assessment will work with your city leaders to create a new, comprehensive well/pipeline related ordinance that is specific to your city’s needs. Or we can simply update and refine existing ordinances to reflect today’s technologies and standards.

    In doing this, many things are taken into consideration; Location, demographics, type of play, age of play, amount of oil/gas related activity in area, tolerance of constituents to oil/gas related activities in area, urban/suburban/rural type community, community growth, and many others are all contributing factors in developing a current, relevant ordinance.

    After compiling all of the above information, we work with the city leaders, and very often, well owners and operators, to develop specific criteria to benefit the HEALTH, SAFETY, & WELFARE of the residents, yet encourage future development of mineral assets within the city by the owners/operators.

    We work very hard to keep a “dis-interested third party” mind set. That is a great advantage when it comes time to introduce new ordinances or regulations to the local operators. We act as a liaison between the operators and the city and work to help bring them into compliance voluntarily instead of levying huge fines and fees. Urban Safety Assessment has had great success in this area.