Urban Safety Assessment offers a range of consulting and documentation services. All designed to assist your community leaders in keeping your community safe. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak in your ordinance or need a complete assessment and  inspection program, we have you covered.

  • What We Do

    Urban Safety Assessment - Expert Analysis

    Expert Analysis

    Urban Safety Assessment can review your city's existing ordinances and help determine if they need any revision. And if so, come up with revision changes to reflect today's safety needs in your community

    Urban Safety Assessment - Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Urban Safety Assessment can help you come up with a strategy to keep your community safe. We do this through various methods including ​Ordinance Development, Well & Pipeline Inspections, Pipeline Information Management Systems (PIMS), and others.

    Urban Safety Assessment - Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Urban Safety Assessment can help reduce city council member's legal exposure by offering our expert advice in this area. And our Permit Review Services take the burden off the city council as well